April Truckin' 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 3 – feat. Sigg3!

After a few silent months with only L.A. stories were being published the "regular" Truckin’ is back also featuring yours truly. I’m currently writing on a harmonic evening out in Oslo in three parts which will probably keep you busy till the summer. But that’s for later. This month a rather sympathetic Pauly writes:

Welcome back to your favorite literary blogzine. This issue has several of your favorite writers and a debut piece from Grand Master Pants. Returning authors include Betty Underground, Kaja, and everyone’s favorite Norwegian writer Sigge S. Amdal, who amazes everyone since he’s writing in English, which is not his native tongue. And yes, even I have a sultry tale about Rachael Ray.
Please tell your friends and family about your favorite stories. It takes only a few seconds to pass along Truckin’. The writers certainly appreciate your support.

Bong Hits with Rachael Ray by
My body sinks into the couch as soon as Rachael Ray comes on the screen. Rachael Ray’s smile is intoxicating and any mentioning of EVOO sends orgasmic chills throughout my entire body. And when she grabs a fistful of meat, I wet myself….

Magpies Are Better Than That, All Wright? by Sigg3
Birthdays never set well with me. Today so many days ago I was shoved head first through the vagina of a woman I didn’t even know at the time, radically interfering with her and her husband’s sex lives, economical situation, causing nothing but general dismay for half a year before they finally got used to me…

Skinny Dipping for Christ by
At the other end of the pool a barefoot young woman, steps to the edge of the pool. Slender. Blonde with alabaster skin. Flawless. Angelic. She steps out of her skirt and pulls her t-shirt over her head. Standing naked, starring down into the pool, still lit from below…

Axel by
My plea trailed off at the end as he put the car in gear and we took off. He pulled a quick left hand u-turn out of the hotel taxi line across six lanes of traffic and barely missed a young lady on her bicycle…

Happiest Place on Earth by
Anyone can toss singles onto the stage, but she’d already mastered the art of tipping with style by stuffing dollar bills down her shirt, where the dancers had to be a little more, uh, creative in retrieving them…

EDIT: Pauly needs pimps and hos!
The World Series of Poker is coming up and Pauly will be going to Vegas to cover the ordeal. The following months are the ones where he will need our help to keep Truckin’ rolling! If you have a short-story, a travel-tale, a poem, a song, a limerick or anything you’d like to put out there (in English please but American is okay) then don’t hesitate to ship it over to whypauly at gmail dot com. Deadlines are as follows:

  • May Issue – Deadline is April 20th 
  • June Issue – Deadline is May 15 
  • July Issue – Deadline is May 30 
  • Aug Issue – Deadline is July 25 
  • Sept Issue – Deadline is Aug 25 
  • Oct Issue – Deadline is Sept 25 

If you don’t write yourself then please tell your family and friends to check it out. I know for a fact that I have three, maybe four regular readers who have blogs and I ask YOU now to give away some of that empty white space for a non-profit link to Truckin. In addition I know that my grandmother reads this blog and I’m asking her to tell her senior citizen friends all about Truckin. At least those who are still alive.. I will also print out a couple of issues including the URL and leave ’em by the printer at work. And if you do the same then who knows? Maybe you’ll get a raise. If you work in a happy office then cut & paste a summary and forward it to All. If you use Facebook or whatnot then pass the word around. If you work in a kindergarten or have children of your own print out a Truckin story for story-telling time. Think about the children! If you are a general then order your men to read it! Same goes for teachers and professors. If you are a student then put the URL on the wall! If you are a hypnotherapist tell your patients to head over to Truckin! If you have a parrot then teach it to say Truckin! If any of the above is too cumbersome you can still help by proofreading. Summing up:

  1. Truckin needs Truckin stories over the next few months 
  2. Truckin needs links to Truckin on your sites/blogs/mails 
  3. Truckin needs you to put forth a better effort promoting Truckin – tell your friends and family (RL) 

I for one will not be sitting on my hands on this one.

4 thoughts on “April Truckin' 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 3 – feat. Sigg3!

  1. I know this was not supposed to be a funny entry (am I wrong), but I just can’t stop laughing.
    Highlights: English, but American is okay. And: Senior citizen friends.

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