Scariest picture of the day: ScaryDuck

Here he is. . The very same gentleman explorer notorious for sending obscene letters to the local press where he demands senior citizen participation in the rebuilding of Weymouth’s Pavilion Theatre. With a large statue of Kylie Minogue in the front. Father of two, inventor of Bummy Wabbit and origin of the Facebook support group for proud shed owners. Here he is:


Scary innit? For some reason he got me thinking about mugshots from the 12 Zodiac Killer suspects. Except he’s way too enthusiastic about it. ‘Cause he has an alibi. If you read the parent entry of the pic you can see that he was busy beating a nun..!

4 thoughts on “Scariest picture of the day: ScaryDuck

  1. Why does it look like he’s got some kind of disease? I mean, it’s something with the closest knee, the spreading fingers and the cheery glee on his face.

  2. That is characteristic of his species.
    Notice the lowered brow and the slightly forward-bent spine column. What intrigues me is the apparent lack of body hair, but it might just be this specimen has mange.

  3. What I’m wondering about the picture is this: Is it taken in the species’ natural habitat, or is this more like taking pictures of a polar bear inside the zoo?

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