Came into work today after a long night of typing in stories to Truckin and ripping my CD collection, only to discover that the cafeteria was closing at noon today. What’s this? I normally don’t have breakfast before one o’clock! I’m not even hungry and now I’m gonna have to eat?
.. Sometimes it just feels like the world doesn’t revolve around me..

I had the best dream ever last night. Me and Lady C were visiting some old village in a pretty medieval country when Napoleon himself was expected to show up. There were a lot of people with great expectations, and Lady C had even painted a portrait on a banner that I was carrying. It took a while though, so she slipped into a restaurant while I was holding the thing. Suddenly there was the clapping of hands and the sound of hooves on the paving stone sounded throughout the town square.
"He’s coming! He’s coming!" I yelled into the restaurant door and ran for the vantage point with my banner. I barely made it seeing all the cheering people and the side of Napoleon Himself waving at the crowds from an open chariot pulled by brown horses. I realized too late that I had run too close to the emperor and in reality I would probably have been taken out by body guards, but I was too fast and got within fifteen yards of the wagon.
Emperor Napoleon saw the banner, like everybody else did, and I guess Lady C’s drawing skills weren’t all that, ’cause he started laughing real heartily – soon joined by the rest of the crowd before the chariot and guards disappeared around a turn. Everyone felt so happy about the mishap.
Then I woke up, and realized that it had only been a dream. I was so disappointed.

.. I mean, there are so many countries in the world where people can’t afford to eat, and so many more countries where affording it isn’t really a problem because there simply isn’t anything to eat at all! So when we are thricely blessed with three times the food we need in order to survive we should at least have the decency to eat it all.. AT PROPER DINING HOURS!

Shelley The Republican brings us the picture of the day. It sucks.
Jesus and Golf

— And now I got a priority e-mail telling me there was leftover Tapas in the cafeteria.. It’s because they celebrated a former finance minister turning 85 years recently. I got my name in the Tabula Gratulatoria, which is probably the only time I’ll ever see my name printed in a book. Cost me money too.. Which reminds me: Thank you all for failing to congratulate me on my birthday. I really appreciate it.. Tapas.. .. It’s so much trouble. And when I got down there there was nothing left. Effit. Everything goes to hell . And now I pooped my pants. Have a nice weekend.

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