Sometimes lunch's just like this (as read by Attenborough)

Midday on the Serengeti.. (the cafeteria). A herd of buffaloes are grazing on the green grass that sprung up after the rainfall… (UNDP people in line by the salad bar). A young lion male raises his head and sniffs the air for any slight odor from suitable prey… (that is, me waiting for an opening).

Lion, (c)

He waits patiently to take it all in not letting any small whiff pass by without inspection… (my colleagues are always so slow and picky). He knows he can’t rush a grown buffalo (or else I’ll get fired) and the infants are carefully protected by the herd… (UNDP people comes in herds).

There! A small gazelle (or slice of bread) has been left by the rest of its herd who left for the waters… (juice dispensers). The lion acts in an instant! to close the gap between the lonely gazelle and its mates.. (colleagues still occupied at the salad bar). And finally he gets his reward… (slice of bread). Another hunt is over. The flesh and blood (strawberry jam) of the still kicking gazelle will be sufficient for at least another day on the savanna (cafeteria opens again tomorrow at ten). With a belly full of fresh meat the young male returns to the shade (my desk in the office) where he will spend the rest of the day digesting (or avoiding work).

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