Last five pics

Since it’s May 1st (Workers unite!) I’m not gonna work. Or blog. Instead I bring you some recent snapshots. Oh, and it’s my father’s birthday today. Congratulations!

Grant Lee Phillips
Grant Lee Phillips live in Oslo (April 2008)

Koew and Kornelius @ Apoteket
Koew and Kornelius inspecting a
huge digcam

Placement is all
Placement is all… Click for full story:)

Norwegian tram (from above)
That’s what our trams look like "under" the chassis.
Reminds me of Jedi Knight Dark Forces II somehow… :)

Me schoolmates
These guys don’t actually go to school but they hang around outside where the smokers at to see if they can catch any chicks. Sometimes they beat the shit out of me..

2 thoughts on “Last five pics

  1. Beautiful pictures!! The colors are amazing! What camera do you use btw?

    Oh and Happy Birthday Sigg’s Dad. :)

  2. Cheers! :)
    These are all taken with my cellphone, the Nokia N95. I often use user-specific settings (more saturation), but the best is to take several pics in different modes. Alternatively you can choose ‘vivid color’ (or sepia among others) over ‘automatic’. None of these here are touched.

    For more showcase photos check out the N95 user group pool at flickr!

    I bought this phone for three reasons: It’s 1) a phone with wifi, 2) a good camera and 3) a music player. It’s rather expensive even with a data plan, but if you buy the three above separately the N95 is the cheaper choice.

    For more important pictures/portraits/trips I use a bigger hybrid SL dig camera (Fujifilm finepix).

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