Ready to go? (Or ready to come?)

It´s the 28th of October which means it is only two days left to the previously announced voting of Sigg3 dot net´s official female of the year 2003. Here´s a little update to keep you up-to-date on the femmes.

Through a timeconsuming screeningprocess, I was able to choose 12 beautiful females from the women of the world. Each one of them represent a month of the year. The completed list looks likes this:

  1. January: Christina Ricci
  2. February: Anck Su Namun
  3. March: t.A.T.u
  4. April: Anna Paquin
  5. May: Princess Leia
  6. June: Katie Holmes
  7. July: Angelina Jolie
  8. August: Jenna Jameson
  9. September: Alyssa Milano
  10. October: Mili Avital
  11. November: Alizee Jacotey
  12. December: Milla Jovovich

Now, if you want to read the unjustified justification of just why only these femmes were selected, check out the Female of the day Category. Now, spread the word afar, drop a few lines to your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, co-workers, lawyers, husbands and wives, lovers, ex-lovers and their lovers and ex-lovers and so on and so fort; to ensure a democratic decision on who gets to be the Official Sigg3 dot net female of the year 2003! Thank you.

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