HPR ep 74: Linux Gaming

I often sit down with my N95 and listen to podcasts when I’m out traveling or just moving about in the great city of Oslo. I am a subscriber to some 8-9 different podcasts, and one of them is Hacker Public Radio which carries the torch from the somewhat abandoned HackTV that I loved watching. Most of HPRs podcasts range between 5 and 15 minutes which is perfect for the subway ride to the university. Here’s one that lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes, and I listened to it over the course of a week. It’s worth it.

HPR episode 74: UCLUG – Linux Gaming (mp3)

Upstate Carolina Linux User Group Meeting
30 minute newbie session: Jas Eckard’s bash shell scripting for newbies;
Main topic: Ryan ‘Icculus’ Gordon speaks about the linux gaming industry.

If you’re into gaming at an average level and also like linux, or just want to hear about gaming development, history and industry then you should really check out this episode. The main presentation is by Icculus (yes, he also explains his nickname) who has worked in the industry for quite a long time. He explains the fundamental way the gaming market is depending on linux yet also why so few games are made for linux. But more and more are coming our way. I found it really inspiring. UCLUG seems like a nice group of (normal) people loving to learn about linux, and I’d like you to check out their website too over at UCLUG.org where you’ll find more of their group meetings in mp3 format. I’ve already seen a few I’m gonna have to download.

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