Bedside conversations VII

– C’mere and give us a hug!
– mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. *squeeze* hm?
– What?
– I think you’ve put on some weight over the spring
– Must be all those breakfasts you make. Eggs, bacon, beans, bacon, toast with bacon, bacon wraps, bacon salad, bacon bra..
No more bacon for you, Sigg3
– WHAT? You saying I’m FAT?! I’m all ext3!
– Just a little chubby, that’s all. But it’s nice!
– Stfu that’s extra muscle, baby

– Were you chubby as a child?
– Chubby? No. Had some additional flesh like the other kids..
– Big boned?
– Us growing up in the North have a little extra tummy for protection
– Protection?
– From the arctic blizzards.. starvation.. polar bear stuff
– ..right
– Besides, who are you to talk with all that blubber?
– WHAT?!!
– Check these two out! One over here and one over here. ALL FAT!
– Sigg3, that’s my boobs
– So?
– You think my boobs are too big?
– I don’t think ‘too big’ is in the Oxford Illustrated, honey
– Shut up, Chubby Tubby
– I’m warning you

– Chubby Chubbs?
– That’s it I’m sleeping on the couch!
– I don’t have a couch
– It’s a metaphor! I’m turning my enormous body away from you
– Good night :)
– "Put on weight" my ass, effin’ Ghandi over here! ..It’s just Ghandi loves teh bacon

3 thoughts on “Bedside conversations VII

  1. To me it’s a matter of either-or, Mike. Either I like ’em really small and firm or they should be really big. The ones in casu are really fun to play with.

    Mira, it’s okay for girls to have forms because it’s simply natural. I am a male/geek, however, and a big belly make me look bloated. Mr. Free Willy over here:P
    Then again I’m positive C was only giving a compliment.

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