May Truckin 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 5

Apparently ‘s call for papers in May yielded great results on this abominable sea of intellectual waste we call the internet. This doesn’t mean you should stop sending in your stories, poems, songs, memoirs and john dear letters. On the contrary!

  • June Issue – Deadline is May 15 
  • July Issue – Deadline is May 30 
  • Aug Issue – Deadline is July 25 
  • Sept Issue – Deadline is Aug 25 
  • Oct Issue – Deadline is Sept 25 

What it means, however, is that my story didn’t cut the finishing line this time around. Ironically, I might add. But there are lots of other great stuff to lay your eyes on. Pauly writes:

Welcome back to your favorite literary blogzine. This issue has several diverse stories including contributions from Johnny Hughes, Sean Lovelace, and Dusty Rhodes – who is making his debut. I had a story about Sundays while Dr. Chako is back from his tour in Iraq and shares has a harsh but real tale of his experiences.

Sundays by
I held four crappy jobs and had to work on Sundays at an art museum. Most of the time, I got baked in the parking lot and just stood around making sure the post-church and post-brunch crowd kept their grubby mitts off the paintings…

Prison Justice by
Hateem’s crime must have been grave. They broke his ankles and elbows, of course. What happened next is beyond human understanding. At least five executioners must be involved. After the arms and legs, you’d think Hateem’s spirit would be broken, but you’d be wrong. They must be swift. From the time the gag comes out, the screaming must be intolerable…

Egotistical: Three Examples by Sean Lovelace
The radio was playing angry girl bands. I love and have always loved angry girl bands. They have what I call fuck you. Also I was waiting on a girl. A cute bra-less girl who would soon leap off a balcony…

High School Reunion by
He kept asking me if I remembered people which I didn’t, but he told me all about them anyway. No one would ever forget Bobby, especially me. Now the most mellow guy in West Texas had a license to carry a hand gun…

Ode to…. by
Death is natural. We will all die and we will all have friends and family that die. It is a hard thing to deal with but it has to be done. People cry, people act strong, people try to empathize but can’t truly understand what it is that you are going through. Our experiences are all different but I can’t imagine anyone who likes dealing with these things…

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