Partial hiatus and 17th of May

I’m reading for my exams in Ethics (FIL1003) and Philosophy of Science (FIL1002).
I had these two on my schedules last spring, and I did read for the exams, but during the most crucial time I was so tied up in work that I decided to postpone them. Not such a good idea, but at least I don’t have to read everything for the first time this time around..

And yesterday is 17th of May, the national holiday of Norway. I plan to be completely hung over, however, being that tonight I’m gonna see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on their Oslo stop of the Dig, Lazarus, Dig tour.

On a side note, it turns out our national song is not formally our national song. Our formal national song "Sønner av Norge" is completely unknown to me. Apparently it merely won a competition by Selskapet for Norges Vel in 1819. Our informal song "Ja, vi elsker" only gained popularity after it was first presented at the constitution’s 50th anniversary 17th of May 1864. Thus a comedian named Stian Carstensen in P2 has made a new proposal for a song, "Ja Norge", including the complete history of Norway from running after the glaciers in Central Europe to our stars of Bigbrother on TV. I think it’s a hilarious prank. There’s a clip here. I heard a clip on radio and it’s supposed to air 10am tomorrow.

Norwegians are said to be world champions of celebrating national holiday. I believe it.

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