Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig (Oslo 2008)

The concert last night was great, and I thought I’d share some of the pics and video clips I took. Unfortunately there are no entire songs, because the dang security personnel came looking for bootleggers. Also there are quite a few parts where the camera faces right into oblivion. This is because I tried to hide it. Sound and picture is crap, but at least you get the atmosphere. Last time I saw Nick Cave was back in 2004.

Crowds brewing
Crowd starting to grow before the concert

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The show goes on..

DIG!!! Lazarus DIG!!!
Dig Lazarus Dig!!!

First set was primarily from the new 14th album of the group, namely Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!, which has quite a few in-your-face songs and eerie lyrics. I haven’t heard much of the album before the concert so it was mostly new material to me. I realize I have to get that album. They also played a few songs from earlier albums (Let love in and Oh Deanna). The second set was, as usual, more freely chosen and in my mind better. To our great excitement they among others played Stagger Lee, a most brilliant song from Murder Ballads. Here’s The Lyre of Orpheus in which Cave tries to draw the crowd into a sing-along.

Lyre of Orpheus sing-along fuckup
"You got that mate? I can see this bloodiest expression on your face. A great cloud of unknowing."

Oslo Spectrum is not really a concert hall, it’s a hockey stadium where they also play basket and do horse-shows, so the place can’t carry sound at all. But it’s the only indoor hall with place to so many people in this town. Which is shitty for a capital of a country. Despite your ticket fee you get crap sound quality, and instead they just turn the music louder. But it was a great concert experience and really good music! Nick Cave will come back to Oslo in August @ the Øya festival with the Grinderman project. That’s it for now, my head is bashed in from beer and I gotta go clean up to celebrate this holiday.

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  1. Cave will be back in Oslo with Grinderman pretty soon. I wanna go, I wanna go, but I’m not sure if I can afford it:P

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