Still on hiatus (until June 1st at the least)

…and because I’ve been having so much hot steaming sex lately, I have to read strategically instead of thoroughly. I hate doing this, because I really love philosophy, or, more correctly; I am a philosopher. I can only blame myself for not spending enough time with the material, and despite the fact that I’ve read 80% of the curriculum in prior years, I choose to read strategically this time around.

Which is almost like an academic lottery.
If I get the right theme/philosophers to write about, I might just do an A.
If I don’t, I’ll do mediocre at best, and perhaps flunk on purpose.
For reasons grounded in paranoia, I find it best not to disclose my strategy any further.

First one up (discussed here) is Ethics, on Friday. Then it’s Philosophy of Science next Wednesday. After which I plan to immediately withdraw from my natural urban habitat up into the mountains, where I will ponder extremely deep thoughts or, rather, translate the Zenwalk manual to Norwegian before the next ZW release.. Just thought you should know I’m still alive. It’s good to be a bear, but it’s better to be a bear with bacon.

3 thoughts on “Still on hiatus (until June 1st at the least)

  1. I tend to go with the surprpise-instantaneous-all-out strategy. I pretend I didn’t know anything about it when I show up, and then I just pour out every knowledge I have about the topic on paper.

  2. I don’t have a meaningful comment. But you mentioned June 1st, so I had to reply. :P

    Oh, who am I kiddin? It’s because of hot steaming sex you mentioned.

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