Semi-weekly roundup

It’s been quiet round here lately, due to a number of things. Look, it’s a list!

  • Nick Cave concert 
  • Exams (did one and forfeited the other) 
  • Translated (still not released) 
  • Went to a cabin in the mountains 
  • Back to work after 2+ weeks of hiatus. Total chaos ensued 
  • My kernel conf project was scrapped when Zenwalk 5.2 was released. Yay! 
  • Went to a wedding 
  • Went to the theatre 
  • Seen Battlestar Galactica (refurbished version) seasons 1 and 30% of 2 
  • Also, we’ve had 30°+ Celsius for the last three weeks 

And I intend to keep busy. At the moment I’m working on a lot of stuff, some of it even interesting, while continuing to perfect my Zenwalk system. Sunday I’m going away for a three day seminar in Sweden, then I have an appointment at the dentist, and 1st of July I expect to take out some holiday time. Take out seems to be the appropriate words, given that I still have a novel to finish, and several others on hold.

Then getting to work today I was bothered with a baby. Yes, the babies are back, and snuggling plus worthless commentary is mandatory. I held up the baby like a weird, exotic pot plant. Tilting it just a little. Then I said: "Babies.. do they bounce?"
People have no sense of humor.

3 thoughts on “Semi-weekly roundup

  1. Actually they do bounce. Then they cry. It’s the crying you will wish to avoid.

    I hadn’t heard of Zenwalk. Looked it up and I see that it is a slack derivative formerly known as minislack. Nice.

    Slackware was my first distro. Started as a pile of floppies in 1995. I used it on my servers until 2003, when I made the switch to gentoo. I never had a slackware box hacked… haven’t been so lucky with gentoo.

    Nice choice though, especially for squeezing more out of older hardware.

  2. Season Three of BSG is making way into the movie collection, btw, at home. Enjoy the nice DVD-quality, as I viewed it on crappy 350MB/episode quality. I wish the fourth season would hurry up the releases.

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