Pledge your place in the Firefox 3 World Record attempt!

June 17th the long-awaited browser Firefox 3 will be released and downloads are expected en masse. In that event, go to the site below and pledge your participation to download your copy of the world’s best web browser (that just got a whole lot better) on that very day. Download DayThe Guinness World Record attempt aims to go for the most software downloads in 24 hours. You are allowed to drink as much Guinness you can during and after the FF3 download.

Link of the day: Download Day 2008

I’ve just solemnly pledged to follow suit.
By downloading and using Firefox 3 along with other browsers that respect the democratic web standards of the World Wide Web Consortium you help out in the power struggle between common sense and capitalist monopoly (a.k.a MS Internet Explorer). Picture a future where you do not have to buy a particular product in order to open a document, and where it renders completely alike in all programs across platforms because internationally agreed-upon standards are followed; contrary to the present where public and private institutions are coerced to buy software "just to be safe that it will work". In addition you get a faster and safer internet experience all for free. Information wants to be free. Free as in beer and free as in speech.

2 thoughts on “Pledge your place in the Firefox 3 World Record attempt!

  1. Just downloaded FF3, feels a lot faster than v.2, but be advised: Any extension you have running probably does not work in FF3…Web Developer Toolbar certainly doesn’t, not to mention all my other precious apps.

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