Last five pics

Been a while since I posted some pics, and since I’m too stressed to write anything… Oh, and if you have a flickr or a yahoo account, you can login on flickr and add comments, notes and whatnot to the pictures yourself:)

Eliah the Wizard
My mother had a visit by her godson this weekend and while she was cooking dinner she asked me to take care of the kid. "Take care?" I said, flashing the gun sign.
NO! ..Instead, we headed to Norway’s museum of technology and science where the little boy turned out to be Harry Potter.

McKariachi, Oslo at night
Took this picture walking home thru Little Kariachi last night

Kristiania 2 oldsmobile
KRISTIANIA 2: Ford Oldsmobile in Oslo

Seagull Watchout
Swedish seagull on the Koster Islands, Sweden

Night skyline over Swedish territory
Took this from a nachspiel at 3am in Koster, Sweden

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