I'm gonna miss it when I move

Just sitting by the window debugging and ripping my collection, I’ve had two window visitors from the street. That is, I live on the first floor, street-side, and since I smoke in here I need to have easy access to the window. Hence, every Japanese tourist from here to, well, Japan has the chance to catch me on tape. Or whatever it is that they use nowadays. Bluedisk? HD-ray? Donkey skin LPs?

#2 Drunk ol’ man
Came knocking at around half past eleven, clearly too drunk to remain seated in the student bar just up the street from where I live. He knocked on the window and waved inside. I didn’t bother to open but since the top-window was open I could hear what he was saying to his mate in a grandpa matter-of-factly tone: «What a nice young man. He seemed so cheerful.» Nicest prying-eye old man I’ve encountered for quite some time, that didn’t want my ass. Literally.

#2 The Souvenir Date
Twenty minutes ago, or ten minutes to two a.m., I had another knocking at the window. I was rather into a slashdot article so I jumped up, only to see an umpteen something smiling girl outside. I’m not used to girls smiling at me unless I have something in my face and they go like "what a cute little retard", so I guessed she knew me from before or something. Turned out I was wrong.
– Would you like to go to a date?
– A date?
Given that it was ten minutes to two a.m. I’ll leave it up to you to figure what kind of date she was talking about. Especially since most places close before 3am.
– Yeah, I’m out here with me friends and I want you to come on a date
– Ahm, that’s very nice of you, but I can’t
– Why not?
– Well, for one thing I have to get up real early in the morning
– Oh, come on, it’s weekend
– Actually, it was Monday two hours ago
– I know
– And second, my gf would probably strangle me TO TEH DETH
– Oh.. Can I have a souvenir?
– A souvenir?
– Yes, since I came over, knocked on your window and asked you for a date?
– Oh, okay. I guess. What would that be then?
– That’s something you have to decide
– Do you smoke?
– Yes
I couldn’t bring myself to feed the barely legal illegal cigarettes. Instead I found a box of matches lying on the desk, the kind that lights up under any conditions. Someone gave them to me some time, but I have never used them, so why the hell not?
– These are special matches. When you strike one, a baby angel’s born.
– Aww, thanks! [Yelling to her mates: HE GAVE ME A SOUVENIR!]

Lady C is going to kill me for this post. She done it before. Help.

4 thoughts on “I'm gonna miss it when I move

  1. Nice knowing you, but then again the movie collection will be mine. THEN the circle will be complete, and I will be the master! Muahhahahahahah! R.I.P.

  2. Well, she has asked me to and we did actually go and look at a place, but currently I’m out of funds.

    You shouldn’t be so surprised however, given that I’ve been talking about moving out of this dump since I moved in here! (Disregarding the late intrusion of one very lucky ms. Lady C) :D

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