The voting begins!!!

It´s time to pull that triggerfinger out of your ass and on to the keyboard; it´s about time to vote for your favourite female of the year 2003!!

How do I vote?
On the menu to your right: Just scroll down to the subheader called Female of the year and click the link that says "VOTE!".
Or, just click here:)

What´s the rules?
You can vote as much as you want, but the poll IS cookie-enabled which means it will be harder to mass-vote in order to have a fair competition.
Vote for all the females that you feel should be represented among the top women of the world (and on Sigg3 dot net:).
Do not send your vote in e-mails to me! These votes will not count.

The voting goes on, if everything goes the way I´ve planned, till the 1st of December meaning you´ve got one entire month to place your bets! Thank you!

Now, go ahead and vote!

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