Truckin' July 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 7: Perfect Beach Readin'

Your favourite blogzine is back featuring the second installment in my ONO series. writes:

Thanks again to everyone for wasting your precious time month after month with Truckin’. This summer issue is anchored by veteran writers including everyone’s favorite Norwegian word wanker, Sigge. John ‘Falstaff’ Hartness, Johnny Hughes, May B. Yesno, and Kajagugu round out the list of returning scribes. Oh, and I whipped up a snippet of a conversation that magically appeared out of thin air.

Please tell your friends and family about your favorite stories from this issue. It takes only a few seconds to pass along Truckin’. The writers definitely appreciate your support.

But before I’ll hand you the goodies, I want to share some pics with you from the story in casu, namely: One Night Out Part II: Hunter-Hunter. And if you didn’t get the first part, it’s still available in Issue 6, June 2008. The second part consists mainly of a Binärpilot concert in February, and is more or less based on some kind of pseudo-reality, true events, twisted logics, THE BLUE PILL and some bad craziness of Oslo’s upper class. Enjoy!

Koew calling for Binärpilot
"What now?" I looked at Koew, being he was the main reason we’d got so far.
"I’m gonna try and hook up with Binaerpilot if I can find him."

The night sky loomed with pregnant darkness, while a million brilliant lights in white, blue and orange from the city below fought the epic battle as hard as they could.

…everything was muffled by the distance, the clashes of winds and the occasional screeches from soaring pterodactyls swooping down at us.

Binaerpilot's Jolly Roger
Binaerpilot himself was dancing behind an altar clad with a pirate flag whereupon his technical equipment rested…

Binærpilot delegate concert
…while a blizzard of black and white drawings – Tokyo 3000 style – moved around in mechanical movements on a wall-to-wall projector screen behind him. (More Binärpilot photos)


Berlin by
It was in a hotel suite, not some dingy hot sheets motor inn near the airport. Anyway, my entire point was that at least I had the courtesy to keep my hooker alive, not like Uncle Teddy….

by Sigg3
The night sky loomed with pregnant darkness, while a million brilliant lights in white, blue and orange from the city below fought the epic battle as hard as they could. Sirens, shouting, gunshots and helicopters; everything was muffled by the distance…

Of Lattes and Stuffed Monkeys by
I abandoned the carnage of my room, leaving an apocalypse of shattered glass and plastic on the sidewalk and the oak outside my window garlanded with t-shirts and sweaters. Five hours later I pulled up in front of my parents’ house without ever really noticing how fast I was going or really having a plan as to where I was headed…

All Those Things That Don’t Change, Come What May by
Jake inherited the Magic House when his drinking Uncle tried to empty a rabbit out of a long irrigation pipe and the pipe hit a high-line wire. The 1940s furniture clashed with Jake’s beatnik, coffee-house conversational monologues sanctioned only by the weekend wannabe artists, singers, writers, and actors from the college that came to his regular parties, called Jake Parties…

Don’t You Know What I’m Thinking? by May B. Yesno
You know, education is a funny thing. Too much of it in any one area makes you dumber. That’s probably a bad way to look at it. Lets say, a very good foundation in a subject is a good thing, but as you continue to study it, it takes more and more effort to obtain less and less knowledge from it….

Cold by
When we crossed the border we had to avoid detection and make it quickly to our destination. We had decoy units who crossed the border with us and then led the UN peacekeeping soldiers on a wild goose chase. With these fools out of the way we moved swiftly and silently…

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