Happy b-day "Uncle"

At least that’s what they call him, in awe, in South Africa. That’s right! Our favourite member of the Mandela family turned 90 years old today. Hooray! As a birthday gift and to take part in the world-wide celebration without having to face the moral judgment of history, the United States of the American Empire even deleted him from their lists of terrorists. One month ago. Yay.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about building bridges. Which is why I found it so nice to hear an NRK correspondent hail both winners of ’93s Peace Prize: Mandela and de Klerk, because Mandela’s legacy can’t be anything else than facing your enemy like a man, and defeat hatred with peace — a great feat for an individual that requires both insight and inner strength. My admiration. And the usual jingle:

wow Happy birthday NELSON MANDELA! wow
wow wow wow wow wow

Today’s occasion is however only an indirect reason why I’m sitting at home ripping CD’s and drinking beer, on a Friday night. It’s me mates. They may not be imprisoned for a — philosophically — just cause, such as freedom to vote for all, but they are enslaved by their wallets. It gives me time, though, to listen through my latest purchase: Aphex Twin‘s Windowlicker and Come to Daddy, as well as Captain Beefheart‘s Live at my father’s place.

In other news, a certain Duck that I find most Scary contacted me through the secret, underground network so that I could help out with his writing genius in these times of need. I might post a link when that Brit bastard decides to update.

In the meantime, check out this . Kick ass.! .. Yes. I’m a little drunk.

2 thoughts on “Happy b-day "Uncle"

  1. Oh, Brother Cesare! Proof what Metallica can do to you.
    As for Mandela, they’re making a film about him, starring Tom Cruise. Ok, not really. Not Cruise I mean.

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