All my subdomains (except www) REMOVED

Just thought I’d give you a heads up. I haven’t had the time, energy or willpower to make an effort to update this site for a while, but things are changing. Especially since Koew gave me so many good recommendations for reading material on design, usability, flexibility, search engine optimization, premature porn prevention and general pwnage and Michael H. Park pimpage. Yes, I will change this site. Or die tryin’.

First things first, I have bought domains, two of them hosted on my server.
Second, the subdomains had to go. It was me, not them. And they cost money.

Dead URLs:


Live URLs:

Due to the unforeseen consequences my host refused to remove ‘www’.

While most of my website lies fallow it does so happen that I venture onto new turfs to try to expand my horizons, as they say. I’ve expanded them so much now that they’re long past meeting each other at the point of origin, that is, narrow-mindedness — only to render me a walking mummy wrapped in the tissues of expanded horizons. And for that you need domain names. More later!

4 thoughts on “All my subdomains (except www) REMOVED

  1. Ahm, about that, I was going to call ya. They’re all converted into my special sex-cult now and will never leave.. Thought you should know.
    It’s a free world innit?

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