Bigfoot finally proved?

I’m an avid reader of various cryptozoology sites, that is, websites covering the news of cryptids and the cryptozoology community. A ‘cryptid’ is any creature unknown to science that exist or previously existed and has been described in folklore and legends. Take the dragon of the fairy tale for instance. Or the Loch Ness monster ‘Nessie’. Or the abominable snowman, the yeti, sasquatch or more notoriously, the Bigfoot (all names for larger human-like hominoids).

Georgia Gorilla - smallA couple of weeks back Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, two Georgia residents, claimed that they had not only seen or videotaped bigfoot — claims we hear and get to see on youtube at least once a month — but that they had killed one and claimed its carcass. The two army dudes seem really interested in making money, and they’ve teamed up with Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. with an awful website where you can buy lots of useless material. They seem like a couple of fools, to be quite frank. But that doesn’t mean what they could have found is mere fool’s gold.

August 12, 2008
DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a PRESS CONFERENCE to be held on
Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm

Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. Menlo Park, California
Tom Biscardi, CEO


Usually this wouldn’t stir a skeptic like myself, because there have been other bigfoot bodies hovering around before — all proved hoaxes today. And even if it proves to be a hoax it is fairly elaborate, and would result in legal issues if they were to be found out about. See for yourself.

The Picture of dead bigfoot in a freezer: thawed-creature-in-freezer11.jpg
(The Cryptomundo site has technical difficulties prolly due to traffic. Find local copy here.)

The picture was given to Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist writing for Cryptomundo, which I read on a daily basis. Like him I’m waiting on this one, but I must admit I’m excited. Because it does look like a gorilla-like animal, and not just a man in a suit. Coleman writes:

Is it real? It certainly looks like the real deal, and with a surprising variety of features.
The hominoid (please note, not hominid) body, found in the Georgia woods, is now in a secure location, under armed guard, and set to be examined by a battery of academic scholars, skeptical scientists, Bigfoot researchers, and debunking writers.
Who is to say the discovery of Bigfoot won’t happen this way?

Read more at Cryptomundo: Georgia Gorilla – Bigfoot Body’s First Photo!

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