Koew's going to the Big Apple!

And I’m not talking about some Macintosh iDiom here. My brother is going away to New York to study for one semester, much the same way I went to Habana in my days. I’m sure he’s up for a great adventure, and I’m sorry to see him leave before I had a chance to say goodbye. However, we did have a going away party this Saturday with cake made in the American spirit of bigger is better courtesy of Lady C.

I’ve been trying to call him now, since I wanted to say goodbye before he left the Old Country, but all I get is the answering machine so I guess he’s on his way to London already. I hope you’ll have a GREAT TIME little brother! .. and that you shave that beard. Or else you’ll end up Amish. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself, it will only make it twice as hard for this message to reach you. Have a nice journey and a wonderful adventure in the States, bro. See you online!

One thought on “Koew's going to the Big Apple!

  1. Hah! There’s alot of bearded people here, I tell you. Even think I saw a bearded old lady with a scruffy old dog. The Beard stays.

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