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If you haven’t heard it already, Google has released its own web browser based on the work of several small companies the search engine giant bought up in the past. The result is Google Chrome. Like everything else from the google labs, it’s still in its beta stage, and the bug reports are long and many. Which is the way you make a better browser. Here’s in Chrome: in chrome

It seems really fast and the interface is really slick, although XP-blue for some reason. But this is just what it looks like. With a little or more tweaking you can make Firefox or even Internet Explorer look what you want it to. The difference that’s most noteworthy is its speed. Atm I’m writing this post in Chrome and I’m watching five processes named chrome.exe taking up nearly no CPU power (and memory: 12124K, 45336K, 1896K, 18848K, 12680K). It just feels very lightweight. Apparently Chrome spawns a new process for every tab, so if one tab crashes you can simply kill that tab while the rest of the app is still running! As with the rest of Google’s global domain, the beta label gives them the right to use the internet as their testers (good thing) which may lead to some abuse (bad thing). A security fix has already been made to prevent access to people’s searches that was apparently sent out including their IP adress.

EDIT: According to Chrome’s End User License agreement, Google own this post and any information exchanged in its creation (which would include my username and password) for all eternity. Google is NOT free software.

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