Happy Terrorist Day!

Today all over the world, people are gathering their families and friends, old folks and long-lost relatives, people from the street and miserable neighbours to celebrate the annual Terrorist Day. The kids run naked in the mine yard, the dads are discussing the game over the jihad grill sausages, while the women talk ceaselessly as they’re chopping up the insurgency salad. And there, above the Asian prefab houses and German cars and the smelly fog of fossilized fuel from Texas, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Russia, the bald eagle soars just like soaring things soar when they do their soaring. But this soaring eagle is endangered. It is bald. And many laugh at it.

The owl laughs with sympathy, the sparrows laugh in spite, the crow laughs from opportunity, while the vultures laugh patiently as they wait.

But the eagle doesn’t laugh. It coughs.
It is bald from stress and frustration, lice-ridden with the greed of politicians and weighted down by a twine made of dollars and a fish hook the shape of a crucifix. Many times it has flown into the windows of stupid white men, tall above the clouds, and the pain from this ignorance has made him shy and fearful. It knows that the dream time is over, and with it, itself.

Awww.. I see Condoleezza made a Barbie-cake for the men
and the American supremacy, as per the usual Republican tradition

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So once again, it’s my duty to congratulate the USAE on this day of joy and peace. But this year’s celebration isn’t just a normal Terrorist Day, because this year it’s Terrorist Day’s 7th anniversary. Congratulations to all my readers from the USAE, NATO, New USSR, Al-Qaida, Taliban, and all those I’ve forgotten. It’s all about the love, right? Hooray!

One thought on “Happy Terrorist Day!

  1. Haha, nice one. Missed out on Obama’s speech today, as he held it 08:45am or something. I was currently walking to the subway at that moment, so…sod it. I’ll have to wait till the election if he wants to visit NYC again. I hope.

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