Electronic 8-bit musician is planning a hard-copy release!

Nordland, the upcoming release, will be printed as Digipak with bad ass artwork and distributed by CDBaby (US) and Planet Origo (NO). But I still need funds for the initial print. Please include your full name (or nick) on donations above $20/£15 to get your name on the inside of the cover. All donors will naturally also receive access to the backstage area and Superhero-status. This is your chance to help print the first "proper" Binärpilot release and get your name on a piece of µHz history. Viva la revolucion!

Join the war against popollution. Join the Nordland Fundraiser!

I slapped $100 on the table as soon as I got my paycheck. Might as well slap it on the table than the dishwasher. I’d much rather slap $100 on Nordland than pay $1000 for a Night in Paris. Here’s what I wrote in One Night Out Part II: Hunter-Hunter:

Binaerpilot delegate concert

You can’t go wrong with console music. It’s hard-coded into every one of us who just happened to be born sometime between the sixties and the nineties. Binaerpilot himself was dancing behind an altar clad with a pirate flag whereupon his technical equipment rested, while a blizzard of black and white drawings – Tokyo 3000 style – moved around in mechanical movements on a wall-to-wall projector screen behind him.

Because he played ‘Gesouble’ so early in the set I gave my max when Smile came up. In complete despise of ambient noise the 8-bit keys fell like electro rain on my aural perspiration sensors Tokyo 3000 style:

    You make me smile when you make your body move…
    Everybody just freaks when my people groove…
    Could be the greatest hit – maybe this is it…

It was brilliantly timeless, alas ’twas over all too soon. Time enough to convince some of the rich kids to abandon their sinful ways however, and step upon the righteous path of Mecha-melody.

Check out his download page to download/stream the glory: binaerpilot.no/downloads/

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