Michael is Moving!

– the generally dystonic yet quite ambidextrous pimp, Mike for short or Le Michél in French (El Micko in Spanish, Fernando Morales in Mexican and simply Mikkel in Norwegian), has been pooped on by the paypal dogs from hell. In response to this he and his side-kick, QUACK the rubber duck, have decided to take a month’s worth of leave from the busy world of mental breakdown, e.g. the net.
I’m sure he’s gonna have a great time with his mental father, computer illiterate mother, half-limp dog and anarchistic salamanders, not to mention the New Desk and QUACK the rubber duck.

He’s moving over here: » » « «

Just thought I’d mention it so you could add or update your bookmarks. If you’re the kind of guy that keep bookmarks. And add them. Or update them…. And if you’re not, then maybe you’re the kind of fella that would like to think it over, before you eventually go along with it anyway, because everybody else is.. Then again, maybe you’re not a wee feller at all. Maybe you’re some kind of slimy suckerfish that just got stuck on a monitor, somewhere out there, in the big wide world..

Anyway, I’ve been drinking way too much coffee today – today’s just one of those days where I feel like I could strangle a Triceratops! But I’m not gonna.

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