Warning on the 16GB SONY USB Flash drive

Keep away from children. If swallowed, promptly see a doctor.

I can see it ‘for me very eyes..

– Doctor! Doctor! My 4 year old swallowed my 16GB SONY USB Flash drive!
– Ah, you mean the 16GJ USB Flash drive!
– Uh, I’m not sure.. Er. What?
– It’s a medical expression, son. We the scholars choose J for GB.
– Right.. But my kid!
– Absolutely. So tell me about this disk. Was it in use at the time?
– Connected to a 15.4" laptop while being swallowed? No.
– What file system was on it?
– What difference does it make?
– It makes A WHOLE LOT OF DIFFERENCE! We need to know whether the acutely ill patient, your son, swallowed highly fragmented files below the FAT32 file size limitation OR if he’s now digesting a 14 gig elephant with unknown alternate datastreams and severely abused META data.
– I guess it was FAT32..
– You usually guess when somebody’s life’s on the line..?
– It was the default filesystem! How should I know?
– Ah, the good ol’ FAT32..
– I guess
– You’ve got nothing to worry about. Your son’s gonna be absolutely fine. If you haven’t used it much the file size limitation will make sure that the pieces go through the intestines as usual, and if there are larger files on it, chances are it’s going to be so fragmented that the white blood cells will easily be able to pick up the pieces and it’ll all go away through perspiration.
– But his face is blue!
– Well, that would be the suffocation
– Is it dangerous?
– It might lead to some extra fragmentation but apart from that..nothing to worry about
– And my son?!
– Just another minute now, and it’ll all go away

4 thoughts on “Warning on the 16GB SONY USB Flash drive

  1. Whoa whoa whoa! That’s NOT how it works. You pay $29.99, THEN you ask about the secret. Right?

    Now…is it round, or can you boil it for more than ten minutes without breaking it?

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