Meet the parents

Some of you may have been picking up on my infrequent references to one miss Lady C, and I think it will suffice to say that she’s my girlfriend. Officially And that she’s not inflatable. Or catatonic. She’s just awesome. One night after having watched a zombie movie with me, she dreamed that I had become one of the undead and that she had to beat me to death with my own, torn-off arm.
She woke me up just to tell me.

And today I’m meeting her parents. That is to say, I’ve already met both of them at separate occasions, and I’ve already slagged one of them off to the internets. (Read: 120 Minutes in Sodom). But today is the meet-the-parents dinner. Just after work. "Be natural", C told me. I’ll be going as a cactus.

3 thoughts on “Meet the parents

  1. The best thing, I figure, is to prepare a character instead of presenting them (parents) to yourself. A lumberjack, for instance, would be awesome and badass. You could talk wildly about how you killed beavers during working hours. It’d rule, for sure.

    Good luck, anyways!

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