I'm too old for this isht (SMS log)

It’s been a while since I did something else than work. Anything else. I barely have time to go to the bathroom, so often I just forget about it and walk around cross-legged for another six hours before I realize my skin’s turning yellow. And this weekend was no different. There’s a conference on Child labor in Oslo (it’s called Damn Children Stealing Our Jobs!) and I was supposed to magically provide for internet access. I was also supposed to track down hardware not yet on the legal market. So when I was invited out to have a few drinks at a friend’s parents’ house, I said: "Sure why not but I gotta be back real early, cuz I’ve got work tomorrow." This is the SMS log between me and Lady C who was working (really working) through the session. It began quietly at home, Saturday evening after work.

I’ll be joining Kornelius and the Mysterious mr. S @ Freddy’s girlfriend’s parents’ house. Need a nap. *Hugz*

Ah, this boy’s gone and got himself a Guinness! .. Need it to soothe the pain from your absence.

Fucksocks, this sucks teh bollicks! Is prolly more than half an hour before I get there and I need to take a piss like a lama’s ass. LuvU

Not to worry. There were many hedges by the platform. And people standing behind me on the opposite side. Hehe. *Hugz*

Yup. Having fun on the countryside … I’m gonna get pissed

Out to where?

Sending my regards back from a lighthouse in Kristiansund. We’re talking about tunnels, I think. *kiss*

Drinking gin here with F&M and have recently concluded a discussion on the dangers of dating with one miss Anita. I’m seeing double.

Nachspiel at our place.

How do I make a sandwhich?

The music isnt loud! I haven’theardany complaitnz!

18:13 (Sunday evening)
There are people from Blue Cross! outside the dorr and they want my money. I don’t have any. Please make them go away, I’m too hung over to help the alcoholics.

There’s toothpaste stuck in my beard… I miss u

Very poorly. Only TV and cheese doodles cya

V scary thing about haunted house in Taiwan on Discovery Lifestyle. There’s this crazy Japanese woman who is DEAD. Watching Animal planet atm, MonkeyWorld. Monkeyworld manager is also DEAD now, from cancer. V sad. But the monkeys are happy.

I’m certain there’s a crazy Japanese DEAD woman in teh bathroom. I can hear her hustle about. Just now I thought I saw her in the corner of my eye, just for a split second. She was very dead, and had two of those rollaboard luggage cases with wheels. Passing over I guess, through our bathroom. I’m not going into that bathroom.

Do you have any painkillers? I’ve got plenty pain to kill.

I can’t sleep after those pain killers. Animal Planet all-nighter it is! How’s work? *hugs*

3 thoughts on “I'm too old for this isht (SMS log)

  1. It’s a psychological trick to make you think shit when I’m really too much of a gentleman to write any other word than isht.
    Great to have you back, Mira! :)

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