Female statistics: 10th day

It´s been ten days since the competition begun, and approximately 60 votes has been cast. It is of outmost importance that you let everyone know about this in order to reach a democratically justifiable winner:)

Anyway, here´s the score:

Christina Ricci: 1%
Anck Su Namun: 1%
t.A.T.u: 3%
Anna Paquin: 6%
Princess Leia: 1%
Katie Holmes: 8%
Angelina Jolie: 27%
Jenna Jameson: 14%
Alyssa Milano: 3%
Mili Avital: 0%
Alizee Jacotey: 13%
Milla Jovovich: 18%

Angelina Jolie is still on the front row, but Jovovich is closing in on her and has actually passed Jacotey AND Jameson. This could get interesting.

10th day winner: Angelina Jolie (27%)
10th day loser: Mili Avital (0%)

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