Daniel Cowart the Dashing Coward

Roughly ten percent of American Presidents have been assassinated, and many more have survived assassination attempts. And one thing people don’t say out loud is that the first black president will have survival as his top priority. With the first coloured president on the doorstep of the White House many are concerned about Obama’s safety, ’cause there’s still quite a few nutjobs who understand the name ‘White House’ quite literally and are willing to spend the rest of their lives in jail to think about how much they sucked in life. It’s the American Dream, and people almost expect it. But no one expected this:

Daniel Cowart the Dashing Coward

Danny the Tranny and his no-good net friend planned to execute 102 people (88+14) before turning their rifles at presidential candidate Obama. According to the FBI, who held his MySpace page* under surveillance, the two neo-nazi-nerds apparently met online in a dating room for closet homosexuals/nazis. They have even released some of the IRC chat logs. *(Is it just me or is MySpace hosting a lot of weirdos these days?)

D tha C: hh lol
Turd Reich: hh! ftw
D tha C: redy for the Job 2morrowe?
Turd Reich: you betcha, can’t wait to
D tha C: good. i bought white suits for the obama finale
Turd Reich: i’vegot some turkey sandwhiches from my mum
D tha C: great…. i luv u
Turd Reich: luvu2. hh!
D tha C: here’s my pic btw, so you don’t think ima fake
Turd Reich: so sexy
D tha C: ftw

Well, I guess where they’re going they can finally live out their dreams.

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