Two new Mercury Rev albums, one for free!

In what must be a Radiohead follow-up after their success with In Rainbows, the weirdo strange-band music group has released two new albums one of which is free. That’s right!

I happened to pass by the music store at Oslo City shopping mall, and popping in I spent more than a thousand crowners on various items… I have a habit of doing this. It’s like a disease. A very costly disease which pays itself back a thousandfold. Anyway, one of the covers on display was Mercury Rev’s new album Snowflake Midnight which I immediately grabbed hold on. I’ve got everything they’ve done since Deserter’s Songs which is on my all-time favourites list. And I even got a 15 NOK discount for a broken cover when I bought it.

At home I opened the sleeve only to find that there was an accompanying album called Strange Attractor which wasn’t just online-only it was totally free. I headed over to their website just now, and all you have to do to receive your 11-track copy in 320kbps glory is joining the mailing list (which you can unsubsrcibe from after the download is complete).

If you like Mercury Rev or if you haven’t even heard of them (mostly referred to as "the band with Goddess on a highway") I strongly urge you to head to the link above and signup for your copy. And if you don’t like them, download it anyway, because you’re such a tool.

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