Somebody had to say it..

Apparently there’s some kind of election going on in the USAE, and my vote’s for the Hawaiian guy. ‘Cause people from Hawaii are hellakewl. And I think this particular Hawaiian has got what it takes to rid the USAE of its crippling lobbyism. Lady C was so frustrated the other day, because our media is filled with this election from morning ’til midnight (when BBC World Service takes over to cover the USAE election) and she is still not allowed to vote. This vote is important for Other Countries as well, you see, whether or not we like it. We don’t like it, but there you have it.

And this morning I heard a specifically startling piece of news, when a commentator remarked that: "America’s role as a moral authority has been in question for the last few years". For the last few years? How about the last fifty years?! And moral authority? Come on, you’re talking about Big Mac country here. Where scientific theories that are widely accepted are still questioned on the basis of text-book religion. Where people store massive guns in their homes because the constitution has not been updated since it was created, and people wonder why crime’s so high. Where freedom and peace are registered trademarks of the American way, and not, as was proposed, the outcome of a rational discourse between sovereign states in the League of Nations (UN). Where insight and knowledge are put aside for ignorant decadence. Where the dream of a dream once noble has been substituted with a consumer capitalism tainted with whimsical egocentrism. Where citizens salute a piece of cloth like the Romans saluted their god emperors, the Nazis their swastikas and soviet their Stalin; while a good goddamn is what’s left for human worth.

America: you are a toddler! For once, choose the rational alternative.

5 thoughts on “Somebody had to say it..

  1. Today a guy on a bench in Central Park reminded me to vote. I said “Why thank you sir, and have a good one!” and went straight for the subway. It’s been a great day so far, and I’ll be out in Harlem (125. st.), drinking and taking pictures later on. It’s been said that it’ll turn chaotic here when the winner is confirmed.

  2. He needs at least one term to change something. I bet he’ll get somewhere real in two. He starts off with the worst possible economy, and has to prove himself tenfolds over the last presidents. I do hope he’ll make it.

  3. Yeah, them two towers and all that. Then we got Wormtongue and Watergate all over again. Sweet! Since I didn’t get it the first time, I’ll be able to make fun of Nixon now.

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