One fell swoop against cynicism and suspicion

Congratulations, USAE!
Congratulations, Obama!
Congratulations to the free world!

4 thoughts on “One fell swoop against cynicism and suspicion

  1. I do hope you’re right. Knowing that a bunch of Clinton’s people will be in Obama’s administration, I’m still a tiny wee bit untrusty.

  2. Well, he didn’t fuck up your life for the time being and it’s not like your grandchildren will feel the effect of what he’s done and be born with four arms. :(

  3. Well, that’s pertty obvious…
    and redundant.
    Obama will not be a peacemaker but at least he’ll try to put back the D in Diplomacy. I have no hopes about it, the Obama white house will continue, even emphasize, the Afghan strategy. Meaning more war.

    Regardless of your four-armed grandchildren, Clinton did a good job in terms of foreign relations. But that is compared to G. Bush…

    We all feel the consequences of the past, but your grandchildren will have the opportunity to be World Pingpong Masters, a chance my grankids will never have.

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