Midterm exam, temporary hell…

How are you?
I´ve been reading for the last three days, reading very hard, because today was the midterm exam that counts 40% on the grades alltogether. The subjects: Philosophy and Science of Philosophy. My level: Intermediate. I had to re-read the whole Aristotle-based world (his cosmology) and more, and I just felt like crying when Thomas Aquinas (that bastard) came and changed the whole theory to a theological theory.

Thomas Aquinas is teh sux!!1!11!!

BUT, it has been interesting gathering all the loose threads floating around in the metaphysics of my brain, especially when I finally got the whole picture – or something similar at least.

Scientific philosophy or philosophy of science, is first and foremost critics directed towards human comprehension, the senses, the intellect, the way we take things for granted etc. etc. I find this quite intersting, as a matter of fact. I mean, I have my (pretty strong and "bombastic" ideas) and it´s intersting to see how this works together with some of what I´m learning now. Especially Thomas S. Kuhn (1922-1996) and Feyerabend is worth a look. And, as a principle, you should always hunt out the opposite perspective, in casu presented by mr. Karl Popper (1902-1994). Smart bastards all of them.

Sociologists/scientists/critics/philosophers of the day: Thomas S. Kuhn and Feyerabend. The last one especially by the phrase: "anything goes" and the comparison between science and voodoo. Preach!

Now? Now I´ll withdraw to my room and sleep, watch some film on HBO (en español) or get drunk. It´s at least a couple of week till the next great test (which is spanish verbs aso.).

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