BushKiller Style Mixtape by Alarmclock-Connection

While we are all waiting for George W. Bush to get the hell out of the White House, Alarmclock Connection member Don Martin compiled a retirement mixtape for the Bush Family.

We thought it would be too bad if the Bush Family did not get a proper retirement gift after all the hard work they have done to bring on the apocalypse in our time. So this is our Goodbye and Fuck You Very Much to the Bush Family.

You can download the entire mixtape as MP3 files or stream it.

BushKiller Style Mixtape: Download as mp3 (zipped) or listen to podcast online

Bush Killer Style Mixtape

  1. Goodshit Radio Dot Com Intro feat Poizunus / Chris MorrisĀ“ Bushwhacke 
  2. Jemini and Danger Mouse – Bush Boys 
  3. Paris – Bushkiller (intro) 
  4. DJ Green Lantern feat. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze – Impeach The President 
  5. The Legendary KO – George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People 
  6. Dark Circle – Smokin Bush 
  7. Dead Prez – Know Your Enemy 
  8. Akir – Politricks 
  9. Louis Logic – The Ugly Truth 
  10. Emanon – Politician 
  11. Looptroop feat Timbuktu & Chords – Hurricane George 
  12. Mr SOS – Arrest the president 
  13. Gatas Parlament feat Promoe & Per V – Antiamerikansk Skandinavisk Dans / Postkort 
  14. Immortal Technique feat Diabolic & Ras Kass – Payback 
  15. Bushkiller – Bushkiller Draw 
  16. Paris – Bush Killer (Hellraiser Remix) 

Yep, it’s the same guys who started KillHim.nu (shut down by the Norwegian government) which was a "non-religious movement collecting money for a bounty on Bush’s head." (Parliament of the Streets), the backbone of Alarmclock Connection, will release their new album Apocalypso this weekend.

In 2004 they were prosecuted for Death Threats Against a Foreign Head of State by American Secret Service in Norway and the Norwegian equivalent PST, and now they’re back! The mixtape is in English (and some in German?) so please spread the propaganda.

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