Israel must stop

I don’t usually flag my political views here because they are inherently mine, not yours, and people differ on different subjects for different reasons that are more or less their own. That is, except for my repeated bashing of American imperialism, as well as any other kind of imperialism done under false flags of freedom and peace.

I break this silence tonight because I have RL friends in Palestine as well as Israel that are worried about a colleague in Gaza which is, if you didn’t know already, under siege after more than 600 Hamas rockets have been fired into Israeli settlements. This morning we got word from this colleague, after a terrible night of further bombings:

The last night was very terrible night in all over Gaza strip, the Israeli airstrikes over all the red lines, the strikes continues on Gaza during the night, they targeted everything, mosques, houses, police stations, metal workshops, the Islamic university, cars in the main streets, motorcycles (run by Hamas militaries), and many other government buildings, the strikers hits some targets for more than 2 times during the past two days. (…) I can see the faces of the children, they scared when they hear the terrible voice from the F16 airstrikes, also the it was very cold during the night, we have to open all the windows, because the rest of the glass will be damaged if we close them (…)

The windows blew out due to the blasts the day before. This is the true voice of a regular, civilian family in Gaza right now.

The e-mail goes on to discuss the difficult situation Hamas is in today. And we should take note here, because there can be no doubt that Hamas has been firing homemade rockets into Israel and killing civilians if only by chance, pushing the Israeli government into action after the ceasefire ended a short while ago.
Hamas has no chance of winning a war against the modern army that Israel wields, but due to the recent air strikes the party’s followers demand reaction, to see that Hamas will give Israel "a hard lesson" like they’ve promised all along. If so, the Israeli government has announced a ‘war to the bitter end’.

In the meanwhile there are 1.5 million people in a 139 square mile area that are in dire need of basic humanitarian aid. Under "normal circumstances" there would be 500 trucks entering Gaza on a daily basis with basic supplies. 6 got through yesterday. It might seem romantic that old tale in the Bible of David and Goliath, but David didn’t have to face the latest in war machinery. I know people who still refuse to recognize the facts in favor of religious or political opinion. Speaking about yesterday’s bombing the e-mail says:

Today more than 200 Palestinians killed and about 750 injured, the hospitals are full, and many of killed people were taken to the mosques, and there families come to recognize them and to take them, there are no places at the hospital fridges.
The Palestinian factions lunched 10th of homemade rockets towards the Israeli areas, one man was killed and five injured (Israelis).

I am not pointing fingers. For Christ’s sake I am not five years old! I am talking about a political genocide occurring right now. What ill you are doing to your neighbour is your own undoing. What land is holy that grows trees from corpses and crops from blood?

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