Sir Terry Pratchett

Since 1998 Terry Pratchett has been an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and in the New Years Honors he will be awarded a knighthood as a protector of English literature. He is among the most best-selling authors of our time, and I’ve read some 10 plus books from him, which have all been entertaining experiences.

Sir Terry has a formula for success which seems to work really well: 1) In-medias-res intro of characters and Problem arch, 2) characters snowball to solve Problem and 3) unwinding the spring. At least that’s how I’ve come to recognize his books.
The two first parts are naturally the most entertaining because Pratchett’s Douglas-Adams-style of witty ideas makes for a lot of good laughs, not refraining (at all) from introducing current events in his medieval fantasy world (such as internet chatters). The third parts of every Pratchett book I’ve read so far seems somewhat less impressive in terms of imagination, and I often get the feeling that Pratchett really is bored writing out the Solution. But it could be me.

In any case, let’s raise our glasses for Sir Terry Pratchett!

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