Two Thousand and Eight in Numbers

Following my my brother’s post a couple of hours ago showing off his stats for 2008, I realized it had been quite a while since I did a roundup of the latest website statistics and followed suit. Here’s my website report for 2008 according to Google Analytics, dnScoop and Webalizer:

Site Usage 1st Jan 2008 – 31st Dec 2008:
40,844 Visits 
36,881 Absolute Unique Visitors 
53,810 Pageviews 
1.32 Pages/Visit 
79.98% Bounce Rate 
00:00:36 Avg. Time on Site 
89.90% New Visits 

12.86% of which is direct traffic to, 39.96% come from referring sites and 47.15% from search engines. The best improvement above, is to me the rise (or rather lack of decline) in pages shown per visit rate. I haven’t done much coding on my webserver for the last one and a half year, so it isn’t exactly search engine optimized (except for a few special pages not in use); meaning that people come for content not OMG WEB2.0 ajax applets. Not a time for sighs of relief, though, as PHP 4 is on its way out.

According to Webalizer’s name resolution, Norwegian visitors account for a mere 2,46% of hits per month from an average of 111 countries. But Webalizer doesn’t resolve some finer networks, and Network is my top "visitors" with an average of ca. 40% of hits per month. For some reason there’s been a drop to around 90 countries represented the last three months. What gives?
Luckily Google has a different way of resolving traffic sources, and the data reveals that the top 10 most represented countries are:

  1. United States 48.85% (19,953) 
  2. Norway 8.70% (3,552) 
  3. United Kingdom 6.18% (2,524) 
  4. Canada 5.13% (2,095) 
  5. Germany 4.81% (1,964) 
  6. Australia 1,208 
  7. India 641 
  8. France 439 
  9. Brazil 345 
  10. Sweden 341 

From a total of 166 countries google could resolve. Top 5 cities are Oslo, London, New York, Brooklyn and Sydney, from a total of 8,559 known cities. But I wouldn’t trust google or anyone else to rightly identify the exact locations of visitors. It’s more like a general view of things. So if you’re a hermit surfing through a mesh network in the outback of Australia, you’re probably linked through a major city, thus marking you down as Sydney. Given Sydney is a ‘major city’. I’ve never been there. Neither has google. Google is a search engine. It also displays this data in a pie chart, unbeknowest of the serious statistical flaws in those charts. There are no accurate pie charts, statistically speaking. Except for this one.

Age is my greatest advantage though. I wasn’t born yesterday. dnScoop reports to be 6 years, 7 months and 1 day old today and I have a google pagerank of 4 and an estimated value of $16,510, both probably due to the domain age.

Visitor Browser Usage 1st Jan 2008 – 31st Dec 2008:
Firefox 41.75% (17,054) 
Internet Explorer 41.06% (16,772) 
Safari 7.44% (3,037) 
Opera 3.04% (1,242) 
Playstation Portable 2.39% (975) 
Mozilla 1.64% 
AvantGo 0.75% 
Playstation 3 0.67% 
Chrome 0.32% 
Netscape 0.27% 
Visitors’ Operating System 1st Jan 2008 – 31st Dec 2008:
Windows 80.22% (32,765) 
Macintosh 6.12% (2,500) 
Linux 3.96% (1,619) 
iPod 2.75% 
Playstation Portable 2.39% 

I have 1288 posts (not counting non-blog pages), 1751 comments and 182 people are represented in the comments. 5 most commented articles are:

  1. HOWTO open the Western Digital 500GB MyBook Premium Edition chassis (+26) 
  2. Fight Night 2002: Freestyle battles (+24) 
  3. Replacing the harddrive on a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P7010 (+23) 
  4. Dysfemini? (+19) 
  5. Michael Park the Pimp (+13) 

and top 10 commentators:

  1. (+644) 
  2. (+221) 
  3. (+197) 
  4. kornelius (+109) 
  5. (+80) 
  6. MiB (+47) 
  7. (+46) 
  8. (+35) 
  9. (+31) 
  10. (+30) 

Top referring websites (minus, search engines and forums):

Those who wasn’t referred by site probably searched for: , naked girls, playboy mansion, Katie Holmes, gentoo msi wind splash or mcafee uninstallation. Meaning you’re probably a horny geek. But I already knew that.

Thanks for stopping by, all of you, even those of you I really don’t like! And especially to those who don’t like me. It took courage, blood, sweat and tears to click that link. And all of you who stole my bandwidth by hot linking pictures. I may replace them randomly with a picture of your mum. Or not. To be honest, I’m more likely to not really care. But it’s nice that someone appreciates the time and effort I toss out the window by blogging instead of, say, getting some fresh air. That I do appreciate. Or else I would have to give it up. I love all your comments, even those I have to delete because they are filtered as tasteless. Thank you all, people of 2008. Go away now! Make room for the 2009 kind of guys. They’re a year better:)

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