Listen to Kaada's upcming album

This morning I received a newsletter from Kaada’s delivery boy:

We want to give you a little tease of the upcoming NEW ALBUM "Junkyard Nostalgias", so we’ve uploaded two songs to Give us some feedback in the comments-board and let us know if you like it or if you think it sucks.

According to KAADA it is 11 compositions to salute to the Polish working man coming to Norway to help us out. The principal objective of the album is to pay homage to these brave and determined men.

The album is due for release February 23rd and allegedly contains "11 Pre-Apocalypse Junkyard Symphonies Nostalgias for the Polish Workingclass Heros Coming to Norway for Work". From the tunes I’ve just heard the album seem to fit in with the soundscape of the two last Kaada albums I bought, namely O’Horten and Natural Born Star which offers calm electronica tainted by the rust of acoustic industrial instruments that orchestrates a romantic, fantasy-like atmosphere. I could only find two tracks so I can’t judge whether the social-realistic title has anything to do with the music. I really hope they have some lively tracks in the spirit of Bregovic which is something I’ve wanted to hear from them since I saw Underground; but I know from experience that we can expect a lot from the album, be it true to the topic or not. (Not that Underground has anything to do with Polish work migration.) Good listening.

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