If you've got nothing better to do..

.. let me suggest watching this hilarious video on Google Video featuring the Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) commenting the entire Hobgoblins fiasco movie:

Thanks to the success of Gremlins, a bunch of “creature” horror movies were made. Hobgoblins is easily one of the worst. It attempts to be funny and thrilling, but ends up neither. Mike and the ‘bots have a fun time riffing this one. Note: This file only contains the theater segments.

Click here to view the whole thing (ca. 1 hr): MST3K – Hobgoblins

On Sunday Slashdot informed me that the crew appears again on a webcast where they make fun of the movie Overcoming Fear from 1950. The show is now available as online video for cash and they are planning new ones! MST3K is an American cult television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Best Brains, Inc. that ran from 1988 to 1999. There’s a lot of comedy gold in there and many of the old shows are available on der webz.

If you’re sick of watching without getting to play with yourself, then fear no more. Blood Frontier is an open source First Person Shooter (FPS) which will be officially released on the coming Friday but should already be available. Unfortunately the homepage has been slashdotted so check back in a few days.
What I like about FPS games is that they’re no hassle to get into. My favorite to date has been Nexuiz which is also open source. You download the package (did I mention that open source means free in this case?) install it and play for about an hour, and then you have mapped most of the physics to start enjoying yourself. You can log on/off at any time because the action is instant. But many people don’t like FPS for the exact same reasons, and if you’re looking to bend your mind over puzzles and strategy, marvel at your great constructions or simply want to ride a pony, FPS may not be your part of the puddle.

Not to worry, as Wikipedia can sport an alphabetical list of open source games for your entertainment. You’re likely to find clones of your most popular games, from Quake to Sim City. Here are five random picks based on genre: Tremulous (FPS/RTS), TORCS (Racing Car Sim), Vega Strike (Action Space Sim), Lincity (City simulator) and YoFrankie! (3D platform). You may also want to see the list of games ordered by genre. Have free and open fun!

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