From Wikipedia: Sexual intercourse on a Sunday

I don’t know about you, but when I start reading on Wikipedia the fun never stops. There’s an article of nature *click* and somebody links to animal cruelty *click*, I find a "See also" regarding satanism *click*, and head over to read about Crowley *click*. And that’s the way it goes. If Wikipedia mapped its users’ habits they would know a great deal about them.. But anyway.

I was reading up on a porn star called Ron Jeremy, you might have seen him, when I suddenly found myself by way of clickage reading the Talk site to the sexual intercourse article. And that’s where I found this little gem:

My father grew up in a very small town in Wales and it was a very strict environment in which the Chapel played a large part. The Vicar was adamant that sexual intercourse should never be indulged in on a Sunday. For years this was the case, but apparently, my father was so bright forward thinking and persuasive that he managed to change the attitude of the Vicar. Now, apparently, in this small town in Wales, sexual intercourse is to be allowed on a Sunday with this stipulation….. that the participants must not enjoy it.

In case it gets archived I thought I’d put it up here. The full URL is available here. This enormous contribution was written by Technut of whom I only know that he uploaded a picture called dickhead.jpg. Your regular Joe, in other words, and his very brave father.

12 thoughts on “From Wikipedia: Sexual intercourse on a Sunday

  1. Aye, ’tis true. The Bible doeth sayeth:
    And Jebus looketh unto the kids, and said ‘Fear not, but looketh not on the maids, cauthe pregnancy will occur.’. Then he throweth the first rock.

  2. And some two thousand years later, a minister scorned his followers for enjoying sex on a Sunday…

    I am wondering whether he did anything else to help out? It’s hard not to enjoy sex, and the only thing I can think off right from the top of my head is severe bondage.
    “Thou shalt bond thy waif, cufflinx & gaggers, on the Seventh Dayeth.”

  3. He must’ve seen it through the eyes of a marketer:

    “If the Lust exists, thou shalt Fist thy waif with Holy Fisting Gloves of Mary, and only with forementioned Gloves.

    These are sold seperately, at O’Brian’s God’s Pinkshoppe.”

  4. Oh Ye of little Faithe, Apply the Roman Tickler, ye Lost Inflatable Sheep, the Saintly Crux, Shaking Snake Devil, or Any Other Stimuli Attainment device, on a Sunday. All Available in the Sanctity of Yore Special Adult Boutique, 12th St. Upon-Avon, venerable Mr. Brian Batteries Not Included.

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