Best search strings of January 2009

The Word Fuck has been the one keyword to attract the most visitors to for many years, closely followed by t.A.T.u, Christina Ricci and Female of the Year related posts. So other keywords that occur much less frequently are usually more interesting. And why they were ultimately brought here is anyone’s guess (though I’ve tracked some of them). Best ones are bold, in order of appearance.

  1. 123456789@123456789.1234567890123 #1321 
  2. norwegians are inbred 
  3. cold war octopussies  
  4. dog humping itself google maps error  
  5. huey dewey louie naked #1298 
  6. my chameleon is very shaky and lying on the bottom of cage #1286 
  7. the art of rubbing up against strangers without them knowing 
  8. traktor.bmp ?s=Traktor 
  9. child swallowed flash drive #1293
  10. "you make me smile when you make your body move" #1261 

Number 9 there makes me concerned that some desperate parent out there actually came to for medical advice after his four year old swallowed the pendrive.. Whoops.

3 thoughts on “Best search strings of January 2009

  1. The only thing I can think of was a refreshing google icon/cartoon of a dog humping itself when google maps had an error. I have never heard of it though:)

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