Kaada's «Junkyard Nostalgias» available in stores

Kaada’s new album Junkyard Nostalgias is up for sale, and they only have a few copies of the limited edition left. Handfolded by Polish workers.

Head over to kaada.no/shop to grab your copy!

Mar 26 Lyngdal Kulturhus
Mar 27 Sandnes Kulturhus
Mar 28 Bergen, Hulen
Apr 02 Drammens Teater
Apr 17 Oslo, Parkteatret
Apr 18 Nøtterøy Kulturhus
Apr 19 Kristiansand, Kickscene
Apr 22 Blå Grotte Fredrikstad
Apr 23 Stryn Kulturhus
Apr 24 Rokken, Volda
Apr 25 Blæst, Trondheim
Apr 26 Oppdal Kulturhus

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