130 votes passed!

I though I was going to do an update today, hoping that the count of votes would be around houndred, but damn was I wrong! Thanks to Pauly people are participating as madmen, and the turnout seems to be bigger than any democratical election in the United States:)

Well, here are the ladies lined up after how many votes they´ve got:

Angelina Jolie: 27%
Katie Holmes: 25%
Milla Jovovich: 19%

Jenna Jameson: 12%
Alizee Jacotey: 6%
Anna Paquin: 3%
Alyssa Milano: 2%
t.A.T.u: 1%
Christina Ricci: 0%
Anck Su Namun: 0%
Princess Leia: 0%
Mili Avital: 0%

The leader is still Angelina Jolie, by 2 points, but she should be watching out for misses Holmes and Jovovich. Our feminist, Jenna Jameson, seems to be loosing ground, but it´s still time left for her to rise up again, so hang on! This will get interesting!

And: don´t forget to vote!

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