Link of the day: Leonard Cohen Live in NYC

My old pal Kornelius just sent me a PM about Cohen’s live performance at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, which was recorded by NPR. The recording is now available for online streaming, just like they did with Tom Wait’s Glitter And Doom concert in Atlanta GA which is also available as an mp3 "album" at the pirate bay (just like right over here). I just want to express my thanks to the NPR for doing this, because the kind of audio equipment you need for a good recording is kind of hard to carry into a concert hall:)

Link of the day: Leonard Cohen live @ the Beacon Theatre NYC (stream)

.. I must admit I read the Bacon Theatre but that’s just because I’m hungry.

Me, Kornelius, Apoet, Koew, Lady C, Lady C’s mother, my own mother, my sister, the mysterious mr. S and around 12,991 others saw Cohen live @ Bislet Stadium 1st of July 2008. It was a great concert, and if you want to see the pictures or videos I took just head over to post #1255. Now I have more audio to grab when I get home:)

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