No April Fools without Fool's Gold

Last year’s April Fool’s prank was listed on as I tried to convince you that my vulgar blog was going to be sold to an online car dealer, in order to retire back to nature. Boy, was I ahead of my time. MONTHS before the credit crunch!

But no one believed me. Except for . Good, gullible guy.

Back then I was able to establish a $19,840 US Dollar estimate on my domain (and that part was actually true!) based on various facts and statistics. Whereas today, one year later I’m down at $10,160. Which is hella cheap. That’s the village slut right there. Sigg3 dot net. Ten grand out the window. FFS.

So you will hopefully understand why I skip the whole April Fools thing this year. I simply can’t afford it. I’ve gotta save up cash and buy gold for all it’s worth. Instead, I encourage you to put the best prank you experience during the day in the comments below to save it for posterity. Thanks!

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