Happy birthday to me!

Just like Jesus, I have a day that’s all mine, and it’s my birthday. Which is today! Not Christmas. No. Sigg3mas. And the crowd goes Horay!

I will have to cut it short, however, ’cause I’m writing from the dark side of a karaokebar in downtown Bergen and my very own special day is soon over.

wow Sigg3 is 25 Years Old! wow
wow wow wow wow wow

25 years old. That’s almost like, half a century. Or the half of that. Like my mother said to me: "You’ve most likely lived more than a quarter of your life. And you’re not that good at maths anylonger."

That’s some depressing shit. Like the karaokebar we’re at. But that’s life, right? At least, or at best, I get to spend my day with people I care about and that’s about as much you can ask, I guess. And another round of beer.
Nah, that’s just the alcohol talking. Have a great friggin’ Easter and I’ll talk to you on the better side of Jesus dyin’. That is, before the weekend. In the meanwhile, piss away some cash on a round of beer with my name on it. You know you wanna! See ya!

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