Jesus is dead, Jesus is alive. Oh well, we've got 150 PICTURES OF JESUS!

On Friday I got word that Jesus had been apprehended by Israeli anti-terror forces and sent to the local Guantanamoish Fun House where he was tortured for information. As far as I know, they didn’t get much out of him, even though waterboarding was allegedly used. Apparently his disciples also ran away and denied any connection to the terrorist group calling itself the Christians.

Then I was told that they had had him crucified. I was shocked and appalled. After three days he expired and his body was put inside an underground compound where the army are rumored to conduct horrible experiments on the earthly remains of their enemies. Ungodly experiments, I’d say, as Jesus was reportedly observed walking around in a haze THREE DAYS AFTER HIS DEATH asking for brains! I don’t know what to make of the various news reports coming in from all over the place, but while we celebrate that the Jews were thrown the hell out of Egypt my best advice to you is to keep windows and doors closed ’cause Jesus is out there!

But when you’ve checked the tinned food, boarded the windows and counted the shotgun shells, you might have some extra time to waste.. A LOT of extra time. What to do? Well, here’s my suggestion:

150 Pictures of Jesus

zomg ITS 150 PICTURES OF JESUS!11!!!

Thanks to Dustin Brewer for the great CSS lists instead of tables article which will make any new additions to the collection a whole lot easier! The 50 new pictures come from a variety of sources, all used without permission, but I’ll argue that Copyright’s exception of Fair Use applies. There be no pics of Mohammad here, zombies only. Also, the 150 pictures were moved from kekepower’s site to for easier administration so update your bookmarks. Have a nice Easter people and spread the Good News!

4 thoughts on “Jesus is dead, Jesus is alive. Oh well, we've got 150 PICTURES OF JESUS!

  1. I know lightbox. I recently used it on a jQuery based design (though had to remove the jQuery scripts on the particular page that uses lightbox). The thing is, I don’t like lightbox.

    This is Jesus, for Christ’s sake!
    I think he can stand on his own two feet as list items.

  2. But indeed, I am searching for better galleries myself. Since jQuery has some excellent examples, why not make make it click-to-view-next or something like that?

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