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My former band CRESCENT currently at will lose its nice URL as of April 30th, as Bravenet announced they are closing down free redirects/fast URLs in an e-mail sent to me before the weekend. In addition the band page’s free server,, is closing down as of the 1st of May 2009 according to this announcement, also for financial reasons. This not only affects the Crescent site, but a number of other websites I made as a teenager as well:


For the sake of history and many fond memories, I will download all of these sites to an accessible location on to be released later. I will also upload the rest of the Crescent media files that I have, including the complete and never before released studio album from our heydays called Based On Sex.

I’ve also added bold font weight to the 50 latest Jesus pictures @, since so many of you were complaining that you had seen at least a hundred of them before. Bitches.

As I’ve talked about before (discussion from Nov 2007) I want to migrate to a website framework which is still in active development, as opposed to my existing b2 and flat file mashup, which is quite a mess to maintain. I was reminded by this when I were doing the invert-all-colors on my frontpage on April the 1st, and discovered that my CSS was only partially in control of my layout apart from the heavy table-based design which stems from my upbringing in the 90s. Oh yeah, I was the table master. I could do anything with a table or two. But those days are over, and I fully embrace CSS as a brilliant solution to all my problems.

(And you go: "WHERE?!")

I will need to have a functional, powerful and all-encompassing website framework working behind the scenes for the move to be complete. A new design just doesn’t cut it today, and since I like discovering new things on the greener sides of the hills, I have decided to give Drupal a go. It reportedly has a steep learning curve, but ever since I grabbed a copy of Using Drupal from the online bookshelf I’ve been surprised by its simplistic buildup once you get the hang of its mystical terminology.

What’s kept me from doing the swap already is the daunting fear of losing content or having to track down errors for days, while the rest of me life’s put on hold. It was easier before when I didn’t have one. But I’m sure I’ll be able to manage, as both Michael and Jamie have given me helpful pointers in the past. Not to mention Koew who literally spams me with new mockups. The transition essentially involves migrating from b2 to WordPress to Drupal, instead of scripting the in-between myself. That means that could potentially be down for 2-3 days! but I will be sure to let you know in advance. I know how some of you refuse to eat or have sex with your spouses unless you’ve read the latest on my blog, so I’ll do my best to keep the amount of pain at a minimum. I’ll let you know when the shit’s about to hit the fan. Until then, have a nice day!

7 thoughts on “Crescent moving & other site news

  1. *coughabouttimecough*

    Glad your switching to a more modern framework. I mean, its really great what you have done for the B2 community, but I gotta support your decision here. :) And Drupal is teh awesome.

  2. Why don’t you build your site locally (localhost), do all the imports, testing, and shit there first, and then replace your current site in one fell swoop. You’re running ubuntu, right?

    It should be a snap to do it that way. apt-get wordpress, apt-get drupal, I’d imagine.

  3. Yeah, do not do the first import/export from your prod.-server, please. When I was going to switch from b2 to WordPress, the exp./import-script I used fucked the posts’ IDs up. It was a mess, and that’s the reason my current blog doesn’t include all the old posts from b2.

    Second, I’m looking forward to your new information structure. I’ll bet I’ll still nag on about mockups ‘n shit later on. Right now, I gotta eat.

  4. Ivar, I think the ftp address was simply Not sure.

    Problem with running from localhost, which I too see as the better option, is that my Linux lappy is currently out of circulation, leaving my GF’s Ubuntu box and a Win XP laptop.
    Or the Zenwalk box at work. The last one is probably what I’ll go for.

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